Brighton Trail Riders Association

2019 on the TRAILS!!  

Support our Trail Groups by attending these Events!!

For the most up to date info/cancellations, check their webpages, find them here.

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22:  Proud Lake Trail Riders Banquet


8-10:  Michigan Horse Expo

30: Pinckney/Brighton Trail Riders Banquet


April 13, 14: Brighton Competitive Trail Ride GLDRA


11:  Brighton Trail Riders Celebrate Spring Ride and Annual Meeting

17-19:  Highland Trail Riders Poker Ride Spring Camp

24-27: Ortonville Poker Ride Camp


1:  Pinckney Trail Riders Blessing of the Horse Benefit Ride (NAMI)

2:  Maybury Trail Riders Picnic Destination Ride

7-9:  Pontiac Lake Horseman Summer Fun Camp

14-16:  Proud Lake Trail Riders Obstacle Course Camp

29-30: Brighton Picnic and Camp



23-25: Pinckney Trail Riders Ride to Hell and Back Camp


6-8:  Highland Trail Riders Horseshoe Hunt Fall Camp

7: Ortonville Judged Trail Ride

13-15:  Proud Lake and Kensington Trail Riders Circle Ride

20-22:  Pontiac Lake Horseman Tour the Trails Fall Camp

21:  4-H Grand Equestrian Ride-a-thon at Brighton (

28, 29:  Metro Park Express Distance Ride-Kensington and Proud Lake trails (GLDRA)

28-29:  Brighton Trail Riders Poker Ride and Camp


5:  Maybury Trail Riders Spooky Scavenger Hunt

What’s Happening on the Southeast Michigan Equestrian Trails?